Stand With WCNY

We know you value us. You’ve shown it through your financial support, your calls and emails telling us what we’re doing right (and wrong), and by your willingness to stand up for us when elected officials have threatened to eliminate WCNY’s funding. 


The proposed Federal budget was released March 16, and as we feared, funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) has been eliminated. CPB funds all public broadcasting, including WCNY.

For 50 years, WCNY has  served Central New York, the Finger Lakes, Mohawk Valley (and beyond) with programming that educates, enlightens and inspires. We have provided children the best content to suit growing minds. And we provide materials that teachers use in the classroom each and every day. All for $1.35 per taxpayer, funding that comes from the CPB. Stand with WCNY by letting legislators know the importance of public television and radio.


1. Great children’s programming, now 24/7

Families now have a safe harbor for their children to watch and learn, any time of the day or night, on WCNY’s WiCkNeY Kids—offering the same legendary-quality children’s programming from PBS. This programming is provided free over the air, as it has been for more than forty years, as an especially valuable resource for low-income families.

2. Beautiful music with insightful commentary

Fans call Classic FM a sanctuary, an island of calm and inspiration, a place they can count on to provide the finest music from around the world. Central New York’s Classic FM is one of the very few remaining stations in the country to also have knowledgeable hosts who provide context and information for listeners.

3. Unparalleled Experiential Education

WCNY’s headquarters is home to a 10,000 square foot interactive model city, Enterprise America, that has brought learning to life for thousands of students across the region. The original curriculum was designed for middle schoolers and has been expanded to serve learners of many ages. And every day, WCNY’s workplace is an embedded classroom for high school students in the OCMBOCES Media Marketing Communications CTE course who take technical courses, college classes, and learn hands-on from WCNY staff. Students in the class earn a high school diploma, college credits and gain invaluable practical experience.

4. Technology and Innovation

Connected to WCNY’s offices is a remarkable joint master control technology hub, a WCNY innovation. Today, the hub provides the programming signal for more than 40 percent of the U.S. reaching destinations as far away as Hawaii. In 2015 WCNY was awarded one of the world’s highest environmental honors, LEED Platinum certification, for its innovative and environmentally responsible headquarters.

5. Community Connection

In 2013, WCNY moved its headquarters to Syracuse’s Near Westside one of the poorest neighborhoods in America, to be part of a community revitalization that is transforming the area. WCNY is now the voting place for the neighborhood and a partner in neighborhood festivals and events. WCNY is also partnered with groups like the Literacy Coalition to use our airways and multi-media platforms to support projects that engage and educate people from across the community.

6. Local Programming that matters

WCNY is proud to produce public affairs TV programming that gives viewers genuine insight into the issues that matter in our region. Our award-winning producers cover topics from health to highways, poverty to education with an in-depth approach that tells the story behind the story on programs including "Ivory Tower", "Connect:NY", "Cycle of Health", and "Insight". WCNY is also the producer of historic documentaries and presenting station for national shows such as "Nick Stellino: Storyteller in the Kitchen".

7. News you can trust

PBS NewsHour has been lauded for its unbiased reporting and for always presenting opposing views with civility. Equally, WCNY’s Capitol Pressroom is known for its access to the movers and shakers in Albany including legislators and Governor Cuomo. Capitol Pressroom, hosted by the Emmy Award-winning Susan Arbetter, is the favorite go-to radio show and podcast for listeners who want to understand the complex world of New York government.

8. Global perspectives

In January 2017, WCNY launched a new channel, Global CONNECT, that provides live news broadcasts from countries around the world. Viewers learn directly about issues of the day from a broad variety of perspectives. Cultural programming rounds out the lineup and all programs are in English making this service fully accessible to an American audience.

9. THE most trusted institution in America

For the 14th consecutive year, a nationwide study recently confirmed that PBS and its member stations are rated #1 in public trust among nationally known institutions. In addition, the same survey found that parents rank PBS KIDS as the #1 educational media brand for children, significantly outscoring cable and commercial broadcast television networks.

10. Celebrating a decade of pledge free TV in 2017.

Public Broadcasting is known for its interruption-free programming and WCNY has led the nation in being the only station to also be free of pledge breaks. This means that WCNY provides viewers with hundreds more hours of quality programming each year.