Andrew Godnick

Have you ever met an obsessed sports fan who has been to Disney World 20 times? No? Well, now you have.

Hi, my name’s Andrew Godnick and I’m a junior sport management major with a coaching minor at Syracuse University. Ever since the day I could hold a basketball people have symbolized it with, and as, me—it has defined me; it has become me. From a varsity captain to a beat writer for the Syracuse Men’s Basketball team for NunesMagican, basketball has become the reason why I get up every morning. The game has provided me an outlet to express myself both on and off the court. However, despite this jock image you may have of me, I am not that tall serious athlete that stands out in the room.

I’m a 5’8”, but really 5’7”, guy who has an extreme obsession with Disney World. From Space Mountain to walking the countries in Epcot, Disney World is my happy place that provides me somewhere to be the 12-year-old boy I really am. Really, ask co-Disney-fan brother what it’s like watching a 21-year-old run through the streets of the Magic Kingdom with a smile the size of Mickey Mouse’s ears on his face. There aren’t many of us sports fans that want to spend their time in a Mickey Mouse costume, but it’s what separates me from the rest and what allows me to live my life as one that is full of joy and excitement. I hate heights but will do any roller coaster that presents itself to me; I hate ketchup but love tomatoes; I hate chocolate ice cream but love anything else chocolate.

So, yeah, I’m a little corky at times, but it’s what makes me who I am and I can’t to share the latest gossip/news with all you readers.