Nico Basile

My name is Nico Basile, I am from Los Angeles, CA and am a Sport Management major. I will be working on the website project for WCNY, which was one of my top choices because of my heavy interest in creating attractive, content filled websites. Currently, I am in a Sport Technology class and have been reviewing strategies on what makes an effective website.

In the past, I interned as a sales representative for a men’s clothing company where I would attempt to spark sales through social media accounts and the company website. In-order to maximize sales, it was important to have an effective website where it was easy for the consumer to purchase clothing and stay informed by the company. By shadowing my experienced sales representatives during the internship, I learned that it is important to have a website that catches the reader’s attention while also being simple enough to understand. Additionally, the website should be filled with a good amount of content that obtains a good balance of pictures and writing. I’m here to help with CONTENT!

Currently I am the Community Service Chair for my fraternity this semester. The American Red Cross is where I have volunteered previously and I plan on continuing to complete more hours of service through blood drives and fundraising for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Lastly, I prefer working in a group setting because of my prior experiences being a part of a team and understanding that it takes an equal distribution of hard work between each member to succeed. If one person slacks off, the whole team is affected and I could promise you that I will give my best effort to do the best I possibly can on the project.


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