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Hello Everyone,

I am recent transfer from Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) in New York City with an Associate’s Degree, majoring in Communications with a concentration in Broadcast Journalism. I am a Junior, double majoring in Writing & Rhetoric and Communication & Rhetorical Studies. My experience in journalism, writing, and communications proves serving to this project due to other works not only inside of the classroom, but outside of the classroom.

For two summer’s I worked at a Public Relations firm in which I learned how to work and write at a professional level. I also learned how to deal with public life, how to create exposure for a client, how to network, and how to create a clientele. In my three years of college I have learned many different versions of writing both short and long. My knowledge ranges from business communication to public speaking, intercultural communication, conflict resolution, marketing, etc. This semester I am taking a class where I am learning how to code, create a website, along with making apps functional for common usage. My courses, apply directly to our project and possible future endeavors at WCNY. My role can be very diverse and flexible considering my experience ranging from editor to mediator.

In my time serving the community, I have served meals to the poor in soup kitchens, volunteered for Meals on Wheels, the Breast Cancer Walk with my previous college. I was also a Senator in Student Government involved in Academic Senate and many other activities that represented BMCC as a whole on behalf of the students. I prefer any type of leadership role most times I find myself to be the leader or on equal standing with everyone in the group as team players. I approach everyone with respect, a smile, and an open ear for understanding.

I am dedicated to not only to my group, but to WCNY as well. I am passionate about bringing our group together and achieving great work that will leave an impression on WCNY. It is my duty to strive for the best whilst motivating my team and others around us do the very best. I believe that we can accomplish our work combining our many versatilities together to make a great team.



Brianna Johannes

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