WCNY Blog Post #1: American Graduate Day 2017

American Graduate Day 2017

By Nico Basile

WCNY-TV presented American Graduate Day on Oct. 14. American Graduate Day highlighted the inspiring organizations/individuals that help students graduate from high school and focus their attention onto the next chapter of their lives. The day is dedicated to those individuals who have created a passion for achieving success in young students everywhere.

The broadcast focused on telling compelling stories of actual cases where students have grown to be successful through the help of others and eventually earning their high school diploma. WCNY-TV has shown this event since 2012, and it has helped communities come together and spread awareness of these great stories to show that anything is possible. Graduation rate is now at an all time high, so now the attention of the broadcast will spread beyond just high school but will also include; career paths, workforce trends, and skills needed to thrive in society.

For the first time since the first airing of American Graduate Day, the broadcast focused on more than just the beginning of young people’s careers. Instead, there was a shift of focus towards post-secondary pathways to career success that range from traditional universities to job training. The spotlight was on those individuals and organizations that have altered peoples paths to success in a positive manner and have helped change people’s lives. Sr. Director of Education and Community Engagement, Debbie Steck, had this to share about why WCNY-TV will broadcast the event. “Sharing local stories of individuals and companies helping Central New York students achieve both academic and life success is a natural fit for WCNY.”

American Graduate Day featured many notable people including, General and Mrs. Colin Powell, John Legend, Misty Copeland, Phil Mickelson, Bill Moyers, Daymond John, Juju Chang, Jane Pauley, Marcus Samuelsson and others too.

For future event viewing information, visit wcny.org/wheretowatch.

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